The Mystical Hill Top of India - Gangtok
By Neha Gupta . November 18, 2018
  This hill top offers a perfect mix of mystical wonderland of spectacular natural beauty and adven...
Sights and sounds of a busy Hanoi , Vietnam
By Neha Gupta . November 18, 2018
Intercontinental Hanoi is probably the best place to stay in Hanoi.  
European winter in Hallstatt and Obertraun, Austri...
By Neha Gupta . May 12, 2018
Austria - February 2018 We boarded our flight from Paris to Vienna and from then to Salzburg. Why was I not surprised that Air Fr...
Tranquil Blue Mountains in New South Wales , Austr...
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
  Blue Mountains is an easy weekend getaway about two hours from Sydney  and is a perfect way to rela...
City Life Australia - Sydney and Melbourne
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
  Sydney Asia Pacific's financial hub and most populous c...
Cliffs and pristine beaches of the Great Ocean Roa...
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
  Great Ocean Road  is around two hundred and fifty kilometers of coastal road along rugged limestone clif...
Queenstown to Lake Wanaka, Hawea - New Zealand
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
 Lake Wanaka and Hawea are two beautiful glacier carved lakes about an hours drive from Queenstown. We drove there through Fall colours of Arro...
Coron and an encounter with Chironex Fleckeri
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
Coron is lesser known than Boracay and Cebu, less commercialized with less people and the sea left to its own natural habitat, un...
Hong Kong's Hidden Gem - Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
  Tai Long Wan used to be a hidden gem, I wish it would remain pristine and unspoilt.
Devil's Peak , Hong Kong
By Neha Gupta . April 26, 2018
  One of Hongkong's best sunset photography lookout points , with the open waters of South China sea on one side and the waters of the Vic...