Iceland -The North, Land of Fire & Ice, Part 4
By Shounak Mondal . May 27, 2018
Iceland - March 2018 Our journey continued to the absolutely breathtaking northern Iceland. We would drive about 270 kms from Egli...
Iceland - The East, Land of Fire and Ice - Part 3
By Shounak Mondal . May 26, 2018
Iceland - March 2018 We started the next day by continuing to drive east where we would be driving past Iceland's largest Icec...
Iceland - The South West, Land of Fire and Ice - P...
By Shounak Mondal . May 20, 2018
March 22, 2018 - Iceland The long flight from Hong Kong to Helsinki in Finland and then to Iceland was almost about to conclude. A...
Iceland - The South, Land of Fire and Ice - Part 2
By Shounak Mondal . May 17, 2018
March 2018 -- Iceland  Iceland is simply the best experience I have had so far in my travels to 30+ countries. This country i...
Po Toi - The stunning southern most tip of Hong Ko...
By Shounak Mondal . May 13, 2018
Hong Kong - March 2018 One of the fascinating things about Hong Kong is that you will never run out of islands to explore. One suc...
The little known paradise : Pulau Macan, Indonesia
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
  Bali is what comes to everyones mind when it comes to tourism in Indonesia. Well , a well kept secret is Pula...
An encounter with the Ring of Fire : Southern Taiw...
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
  Southern Taiwan - This is an escapade to a beautiful land full of natural wonders. Amongst the beautiful scen...
Cameron Highlands - A dash of Britain in Malaysia
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
Cameron Highlands is a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur
At peace in a marine world: Cebu, Philippines
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
The mention of Philippines  makes me visualize isolated green mysterious tropical islands and a world full of unexplored natural beauties and marine...
Cradle of humankind : Halong Bay Vietnam
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
  On a cloudy and misty morning we board the Huong Hai sealife which will take us through the night to stay on...
A road trip through the South Indian coastline
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
  Incredible India indeed even for someone born and brought up in India. There is so much to explore that one w...
The Lost World : Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
 The Lost World - Escapade to the land of the Khmers
Sunny Stormy : Phuket, Phi Phi Island , Thailand
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It offers a unique cocktail of relaxation and adventure, Sunny stormy is the story of t...
Maldives - Heaven on earth
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
  If there is a heaven on earth , this is it. The island nation offers one of the best beaches and resorts in the world.
Taipei - Contemporary Yet Traditional
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
Taipei is a mix of a modern metropolis with traditional night  markets along with a subtle reminder of nature's hidden p...
Mystical Beauty, Alishan Taiwan
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
High above in the mountains, Alishan is a hill station shrouded in mist, preserving an ancient past. 
The Jewel in the Emirati Crown - Dubai
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
From a barren desert to a grand megacity Dubai is perhaps the biggest testimony on how humans can sometimes co...
Island of Gods - Bali Culture
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
Every Balinese house has a temple ! The temple is in a beautiful courtyard with several mini pagodas. The temple is often the same size as the rest...
Island of Peace - Bali Landscapes
By Shounak Mondal . April 26, 2018
"Hello, good morning... we have a reservation in your hotel" - I say twice before the man wakes up from his sleep. It was two a.m and we arriv...