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To help people create and share
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We believe that fundamental human nature is to discover, explore, understand and share about new people, places or things. And travelling in its essence, encompasses and fulfils this.

Today, for some, travelling is a means to gain instant gratification in our online world of likes and followers, but for others it might offer ways to discover and explore different people, places or things. No matter how different our motives and perceptions about travelling are, most of us try to preserve and share our travel experiences through stories or memories.

Storytelling is what made us survive as a human race in the past and continues to be the best way to transmit meaning, knowledge and experience from one person to another, one generation to another. And mementos offer us ways to touch and feel our memories or experiences.

So, if we can change the way we share our experiences in meaningful ways, we can change the way we perceive things, and that’s powerful. Trippiness’s goal is to let everyone create, share and cherish beautiful and meaningful travel experiences through stories and personalized, realistic travel miniatures. Trippiness is where “trips” meet “happiness” by not only letting you see and share but also letting you touch and feel your experiences.

Storytelling has the power to change the world.

Discover the storyteller in you.

Neha Gupta


Lives in Hong Kong. Avid traveler (30+ countries and counting) An artist and miniature modeller, she is the founder of Trippiness Miniatures. She has an MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris. Worked with the world's largest and most valuable IT and e-commerce companies and also in startups.

Prakhar Shivam


Lives in New Delhi, India. You might usually find him reading, watching, eating, playing the guitar and designing interesting things. Responsible for the product design, strategy and User Experience for Trippiness products.

Shounak Mondal


Lives in Hong Kong. Avid traveler (30+ countries and counting), amateur photographer and writer. ' Discovers purpose and meaning in life through travel. He has an MBA from ESSEC Business School.Advices team Trippiness.

Nishtha Gupta


Lives in Dubai, Street Food lover. Travelling Enthusiast. Believer of The Secret. Supports Marketing and communications.

Nitin Kumar

Software Engineer

Lives in New Delhi., Leads app development for all Trippiness Products.

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